Natural Landscaping

The heritage biotopes arising from centuries of working the land are home to a multitude of endangered plant and animal species. The possible extinction of these magnificent, well tended landscapes is a threat not only to biodiversity but also to our cultural heritage and the wellbeing of our very souls.

Bovik Farm is the largest agricultural unit in the province of Uusimaa that uses livestock as an environmental management tool.

Landrace sheep and kyyttö cattle are the best possible tools for landscape management in terms of both ecology and quality of performance. The livestock thrive in a variety of settings and complement each other: while sheep tend to the environment on islands and wild meadows, the cattle fearlessly wade into cane grass growing along shorelines and make short work of even the densest reeds.

Grazing grounds all across Uusimaa province have been set aside for Bovik’s sheep and kyyttö cattle, on tens of islands and several sites on the mainland as well, the most far-flung being the shores of Villa Elfvik and the Otaniemi campus of Helsinki University of Technology, within the greater Helsinki region.