Earthy Kyyttö Cattle

Customers enamoured of Bovik lamb had for long been asking if the farm could supply quality beef as well. The Nurmis were happy to accommodate: the first thirteen kyyttö cows and a bull arrived at Bovik in November 2005 from the farm at Sukeva Prison, which at the time specialized in raising these Eastern Finncattle. Kyyttö cattle is the oldest breed of cattle reared by the Finno-Ugric people. The Finnish name kyyttö derives from the coloration of the animals: the light, zigzag streak running along the back of the animals, separating the dark flanks, is reminiscent of an adder, which in Finnish is kyy.

Choice of breed came easily. Firstly, the two farm owners wanted to contribute to the preservation of a highly endangered landrace: at the time the entire world population of kyyttö cattle was only 500 strong. Secondly, the breed is eminently suited to the Finnish natural environment and to natural landscaping. Thirdly, kyyttö cattle are hardy, intelligent and headstrong creatures. And fourthly: their meat is delicious.

At present, there are some 60 head of kyyttö cattle at Bovik Farm. From May to October, they graze free in the natural pastures along the shores of Espoonlahti Bay and Otaniemi while winters are spent in loose housing at the farm, feeding on organic silage.

Most of Bovik’s beef is sold by the eighth in the Kyyttö Pack, which features roast, osso buco, stew cuts and minced beef.