Lamb and lambskins

The sheep raised at Bovik Farm are Finnsheep, a robust breed of Finnish landrace sheep exquisitely adapted to the Nordic climate and estimated to date back at least one thousand years. At present, Bovik houses 250 ewes, a dozen rams and at most 500 lambs at a time.

Finnish landrace sheep produce meat that is low in fat but high in taste. The inherently savoury qualities of the meat are only enhanced by the wide range of wholesome and natural feed available to the sheep.

The sheep spend spring and summer in natural pastures, eating shoots and leaves from trees and bushes as well as grass, wild herbs and flowers. Feed during the winter season spent in the byre consists of organic silage, organic oats and peas, and soycake obtained as a side product of organic soy production at the nearby MakroBios plant. The diet would seem to be doing the trick: in 2004, Bovik Farm’s organic lamb meat took first prize in the category of Best Ingredient in the Best of Finland competition organised by Viisi Tähteä, the leading Finnish publication and online service in the hospitality and HoReCa industry.

Bovik sells lamb by the half and whole, cut to the customer’s specifications. The farm also produces processed meats ranging from smoked leg of lamb to various kinds of fresh sausages. The soft, lustrous Finnsheep fleeces, resistant to dirt and moisture alike, are turned into gloves, socks, sweaters and hats, while sheepskins provide the raw material for rugs, vests and booties.

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